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Industrial Building
  • Degussa Technical Center, ShanghaiDegussa Technical Center, Shanghai
  • BASF-YPC/IPS Nanjing Engineering and Maintenance CenterBASF-YPC/IPS Nanjing Engineering and Maintenance Center
  • ALPLA Competence Center, ShanghaiALPLA Competence Center, Shanghai
  • Pratt & Whitney CENCO Aircraft Engine Test Cell, Zhuhai, GuangdongPratt & Whitney CENCO Aircraft Engine Test Cell, Zhuhai, Guangdong
  • Draeger Shanghai Medical System New Facility Phase II projectDraeger Shanghai Medical System New Facility Phase II project
  • Aventis Pharmaceutical Factory and Extension (Sanovi - Aventis) - Phase I & IIAventis Pharmaceutical Factory and Extension (Sanovi - Aventis) - Phase I & II
  • Hoermann Beijing and TianjinHoermann Beijing and Tianjin
  • Vallourec- Mannesmann Project ChangzhouVallourec- Mannesmann Project Changzhou
  • Karl Mayer New Production Plant, ChangzhouKarl Mayer New Production Plant, Changzhou
  • INERGY Automatic System,WuhanINERGY Automatic System,Wuhan
  • Flender Power Transmission, TianjinFlender Power Transmission, Tianjin
  • Draeger Safety Equipment, BeijingDraeger Safety Equipment, Beijing
  • Haefele Hardware Factory, BeijingHaefele Hardware Factory, Beijing
  • ABB New Facility, ChongqingABB New Facility, Chongqing
  • Jakob Mueller New Facility, SuzhouJakob Mueller New Facility, Suzhou
  • Eibach Springs Taicang New FacilityEibach Springs Taicang New Facility
The completion of exceptional construction projects on schedule and within budget requires expertise and experience gained over many years. AMCC has built numerous industrial facilities in China since the 1990s. Our project portfolio covers a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, food and beverages, automobile, machinery manufacturing, construction materials production, etc. The range of works for major industrial customers normally covers the building shell, fit-out and service installation for production workshops, assembly halls, special equipment foundations, warehouses, logistics centers, adjacent social and technical rooms, office buildings, etc. Our services include investment consulting, permitting, survey and soil investigation, design and design management, procurement, general construction, testing and commissioning, warranty and facility management as required.

Our strength lies in the following areas:
 Fast development by using Design & Build turnkey solution, thus ensuring early production expected by clients
 Optimized construction sequences, allowing client’s equipment move-in as early as possible
 Expertise in special equipment foundation construction
 Design management and value engineering to create added value for clients, delivering optimum solutions considering both initial construction costs and future operational costs.
 Workmanship according to international standard is guaranteed
 Vast supplier resources and professional procurement control to ensure decent quality of materials and to provide more options for clients
 Timely and effective permitting
 Experience in cleanroom construction
 Experience in modification, extension or complex conversion works during ongoing operation

AMCC has gained a reputation with industrial customers as a flexible and resolutely quality-oriented construction company for all kinds of sophisticated production facilities.
Head Office:
Unit 1080 Beijing Sunflower Tower 37 Maizidian Street Zhaoyang District Beijing 100125 P.R. of China  
Tel:+86 10 8527 5116   Fax:+86 10 8527 5123
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