Success depends on people
It is our company vision to create sustainable habitats. To achieve this vision, we are on a constant search for professionals who are excited by the opportunities provided in AMCC, and who are driven to excel. Our HR philosophy for recruitment is to identify talents that our company needs, and place them in a job that best suits them. We seek to provide the right opportunities for each individual to realise their potential.
Realize your dreams with AMCC and you will discover that it is also a place where you will be recognized for your talents and efforts, and feel a sense of pride in what you do.
For further information, please contact our HR Department:
Tel: +86 10 8527 5116-56
Fax: +86 10 8527 5123

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Unit 1080 Beijing Sunflower Tower 37 Maizidian Street Zhaoyang District Beijing 100125 P.R. of China ¡¡
Tel£º+86 10 8527 5116¡¡¡¡ Fax£º+86 10 8527 5123
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