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Facility Management
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Tailored services
Facility Management and operation by AMCC will ensure for clients a high return on investment and an effective, efficient and economic operation of their facilities. A well-maintained facility not only helps the Client to achieve a high quality and cost effective product, but also provides the personnel with a working environment that promotes efficiency and job satisfaction. Our services include individually tailored comprehensive packages of facility operation and maintenance services. This service in turn allows the Client to concentrate his own efforts and resources on his own primary business activities, whatever they may be.

Some of the services offered are:
 Operation of mechanical and electrical systems
 Preventive maintenance
 Repair of building facilities
 Emergency repair and call out service
 Modernization and building conversion
 Renovation and overhaul
 Waste disposal
 Cleaning-up services
 Security services
 Gardening and landscaping

The technical know-how and proven expertise of AMCC allow the development and implementation of programmes designed specifically for each client’s individual needs. Our company’s and its employees’ extensive experience ensure that the future cooperation will also be based on partnership and sustainability.

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